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Data by design

At Dashing Gecko we are here to help you with your data cleaning, visualization, and analysis needs. Our expertise in using R for modelling and analysis of ecological and environmental data can be brought to bear to help solve your data problems. Whether you need to get your data organized and stored properly or gain new insights into your operations, we can help! We can build dashboards and shiny apps to showcase model results and key features of your data using stunning visualizations.

Because we enjoy programming, science, and art, we also offer our natural sciences themed digital art and photography printed on demand through Amazon and Redbubble.

Data Projects

Wrangle | Visualize | Analyze

View the model fits for Jamaica Bay wetland soil profiles.
Food Web Dynamics Explorer
Explore how population dynamics influences the structure of model food webs


Drawings | Photography

Several paperback lined and grid journals available on Amazon.
Teepublic Store
Check out my designs available on many products through Teepublic.

Featured Shirt

A t-shirt featuring Daphnia on the crest and a collection of cartoon zooplankton on the back.

Check it out now! Or you can explore some of my other designs

Featured Shirt


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