Getting Dashing Gecko up and running...

Welcome to Dashing Gecko!

Dashing Gecko is something I’ve started to explore my passions for data science, art, and photography.

I will be using this site to explore several data science project ideas I have in the field of environmental science. One of my goals is to breathe new life into publicly available data, with a focus on long term monitoring of water quality and ecology.

Hopefully, I will be able to use this site as a launching point for data science consulting. I am available to compile, clean, and analyze data. Keep an eye out for examples of data dashboards for data exploration, analysis, and real-time tracking. You may also be interested in my Shiny-based web applications, used to demonstrate analysis through simulation.

For those who are working on their own projects I am available for coaching. I have a lot of experience helping undergraduates, grad students, and postdocs as they work through developing their own R code to analyze their results. I can also leverage my experience as a Software Carpentry instructor to provide training to you and your team in data management, statistical analysis, visualization, and reproducibility.

In the future I will be adding posts on data analyses and visualisations using R, and I hope to start a Youtube channel where you can watch me code up my projects to see how you might get started on your own.

Making fun science and art

I enjoy environmental data science and ecoinformatics, and in my spare time I take nature photos and make digital art.